Enterprise Financial Management Association of China
Members have the following rights:
  • (1)To elect, be elected and vote;
  • (2)To participate, with privileged terms, in training programs, study tours, research activities and seminars organized by the Association;
  • (3)To access, with privileged terms, journals and other information prepared and printed by the Association and publish articles and findings of research and study on the Association’s publications;
  • (4)To make suggestions and opinions to the Association, and to supervise activities of the Association;
  • (5)To join in the Association voluntarily and withdraw from it freely.
Members can enjoy the following services:
  • (1)Fifteen financial management training courses every year free of charge.
  • (2)Two operational soft wares on financial management very year free of charge.
  • (3)Performance evaluation for financial work free of charge.
  • (4)Recruitment service free of charge.
  • (5)Training courses for Senior Executives of enterprise on privileged terms.
  • (6)Multiple projects service on privileged terms.
  • (7)E-commerce showcase service free of charge.

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